Elaami Azif

The Sleepwalkers (Elaami Azif in Qabbah Akeshad) are the spirits who dwell in the Valley of Sleep. They are the Lalaztar (ghosts) of mortals who died and were claimed by the God Anhurish. The Dreaming God only takes those who die in their slumber or in the midst of hypnagogic fugues, those possessing extrasensory perception, or those who worshipped him or one of his aspects in life. Once these chosen mortals pass away, their life-energies and memories are drawn to the moon, where they are instilled into new and everlasting spirit-forms by their god.

Sleepwalkers appear as pale, insubstantial apparitions of their former selves, stripped of elderly frailties and other mortal imperfections. They glow with a faint lunar light, and wear simple garments of ghostly linen, made of the same spectral plasm that comprises their new forms. These shades of the dead can be seen wandering the paths of the garden, resting under the shade of the savannah trees, staring up at the world of Thal in the sky, and drinking from the Waters of Sleep that flow through the valley. They are scarcely aware of their own situation, as Anhurish keeps them in a state of dreamlike bliss, where they have little memory of their former lives or their deaths.